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Evernote Vs. Awesome Note

Awesome note and Evernote are multi-award winning note-taking apps both presented in the Apple Appstore Hall of Fame. They are highly accredited and appraised by many critics and media. Read the Summary section for the general overview and conclusion of the article. More in-depth details are discussed further down in the body of text.

Summary :
Compared to other apps that advertise to deliver similar functionality, Awesome note is an expensive app (US $3.99), however, its slick interface provides a priceless writing experience and makes it a breeze to organise to-do lists. It's functionality and practicability outweighs its price by miles. However unlike Evernote, Awesome note provides limited flexibility in terms of syncing data. Evernote is a "freemium" app that allow users to sync data throughout the users' devices - ranging from smartphones, tablets and both personal & public computers. Syncing is automatic and boasts incredible mobility. However unlike Awesome note, writing and viewing lengthy documents and PDFs can get buggy sometimes.

In conclusion, if you enjoy writing and consider yourself to be a dedicated writer, Awesome note should definitely be a must-buy. Awesome note should be used as a "personal app" to organise and record personal events. On the other hand, Evernote is more suited in a business environment. If you require to quickly capture simple ideas and actively carry data with you (ex. PDFs, name cards, receipts..), Evernote and obtaining its premium membership should be your first choice.

Capturing of Location, and alert from Awesome note,
reminding a preset to-do activity.

Along with Evernote (and possibly moleskin), Awesome note is one of the dominant note-taking apps in the Appstore. It is not only "awesome" for its quick note taking abilities, but it also effectively functions as a to-do & a reminder app, with endless customisation capabilities. To further it's functionality, you can record 'location' within the app, and even scribble notes with your fingers as if you were sketching on Paint.

Post-it like notes organised in various Folders.
Gyroscope compatible for easy typing.

Notes are easily organised within Folders that can be visually coded with different colours and symbols. These folders can also be selectively "locked" for privacy, which is really great. The notes within the folders can be displayed in many different ways, including post-it stickers (aka thumbnails), photo views, detailed-views and diary views. Data can be synced via Google Docs or Evernote (the irony!) and can be backed up via iTunes File sharing or Wifi.

Syncing across various platforms is effortlessly achieved via Evernote

Evernote is "Awesome note - (minus) the to-do list and + (plus) active syncing." It does not boast with fancy user interface and design, but it does deliver. It is capable of storing and capturing texts, photos, internet links and even voice memos. These can be organised in "notebooks" (which function just like the folders in Awesome note), and can be further organised into Tags.

It's ability to sync across many platforms & users is very helpful, especially for businessmen, as this allows one to work and carry data (DOC, PDF, PPT, etc) almost everywhere. However, using Evernote for free only grants you with a uploading space of 60MB per month, which may restrict one's Evernote experience. But most people find Evernote to be a great pleasure to use and such an invaluable tool, that the money spent for a premium membership is never a problem. One and only downside of Evernote is that - despite it's frequent updates -, the keyboard lags behind one's typing speed when working on a lengthy document / PDF files with a tablet or a smartphone.

Both Awesome note and Evernote is very efficient at what it has to offer - allowing users to seamlessly record & organise one's daily events and ideas. Using these apps are such a pleasure that it will eventually turn you into a writer of some sort. I personally think that Awesome note delivers a much more pleasurable writing experience than Evernote. Evernote is a great file-storage & syncing application, but not so much in terms of document editing and production. I only use Evernote as a tool for syncing Awesome note, while syncing DOCs and PDFs are done via Dropbox. Both apps can be trialed for free as Awesome note offers a free version, while free Evernote offers a 60MB data cap.

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